July: to late summer nights

In which I ramble about how we’re halfway through 2014 and time flies way too quickly.

So, hi. I wrestled a lot with starting an actual blog because I usually stick to the safe side of “blogging” through Tumblr, but come July and I really couldn’t resist. I don’t know if I’m the blogging type, and already I can feel my future self cringing while reading these posts written by an 18-year-old who knows too much yet too little about life. But anyway. C’est la tough, tough vie as always.

A few sentences in and I’ve already run off on a tangent or two. Expect more of those in your future, if you choose to stay and read on. I can’t promise anything super life changing but I can promise to try.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that 2014 is this big year in that I graduated from high school, I’m in the middle of one of the longest summers I’ll probably ever have, and I’m starting college in the fall. It’s all terribly exciting and slightly frightening and kind of crazy, to be honest, to think that I’ve come this far without a clue about what will happen in the next 18 years.

But when have I ever been one to back down from the unknown?





Honestly? Probably more than I should–but hopefully this blog will keep me accountable. Time flies, everybody–leave it to me to be Captain Oh-So-Obvious. But if you will, I’d love the company on this up and down ride. See y’all soon.

(Image source credited to Tumblr, for the time being.)


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