things i love thursday

Inspired by Sarah over at theoneinpink, who has no idea who I am but I used to read her blog and she just started posting again after a one year hiatus and I’m very happy about that (she’s also Julian Smith’s wife, if any of you remember/watch his videos!).


starting something new, like this weekly post on learning to be grateful • my new laptop, of course (which has still been a huge source of frustration because it keeps crashing and we think it’s a windows 8 problem but who really knows, just pray we fix it soon) • late night summer drives • my impending roadtrip to california (sonoma!) and then lake tahoe • the fact that google chrome is working again after it crashed on me two days ago and I had to go back to internet explorer • gourmet new york style bagels by franz bakery • rebuilding the stairs to our deck with my dad • perfectly ripe summer fruit, such as mangoes and watermelon and peaches • masterchef and one tree hill and, guilty pleasure, the bachelorette • watching the world cup with my brother • lazy mall days (is this pathetic to post?) • this blog that I read every night before going to sleep and I am not kidding when I say that Grace is hilarious and witty and all her posts are interesting (again, no she doesn’t know who I am) • rocky road ice cream • my love/hate relationship with pilates workouts • figuring out how to use wordpress, which is a slow but steady learning process

And now I’m off to hopefully get some biking in before I make a trip to the mall. Happy reading and blogging!

image: found on tumblr; featured image: thank you to Chloe who is one of the loveliest people I know and also doubles as my best friend


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