Friday quote

Also inspired by Sarah (theoneinpink).


Here’s a little bit of motivation inspiration for you on this TGIF.

Yesterday I went biking (as mentioned!!) for around 20 minutes before dinner, and a few things…

1. I missed this. I’ve actually had my bike tires pumped for over a week because I meant to go awhile ago, but “never had the chance” (excuses excuses). Finally yesterday I dragged my butt out of the house and onto the bike seat and pedaled around and it was so much fun. There was one summer six or so years ago where I went biking every single night for over an hour with some friends, and it was one of the best summers of my life. Everyone knows summer evenings in Seattle are literally gold and back then I never realized how fit biking makes you. And we all know fitness is the new craze of 2014.
2. I’m out of shape. Granted, I did an intense Pilates workout three hours before I went, that targeted legs/thighs. But still!! I put the bike on the easiest gear and avoided most large hills for the time being because I didn’t want to kill my legs and feel super sore the next day. Not sure that was really avoided, but anyway.
3. I’m definitely not the best person to ask for fitness advice; maybe in the future when I actually have some sort of routine nailed down I’ll do a post on it. But for right now I’m doing Pilates regularly again, and I want to take up running and biking as well. I’ve also been craving salads? So anyway. 2014 might be my year to get super in shape–we’ll see (keep me accountable!!).

This post was riveting, I’m sure. Just let me get on my feet and running with this blog and all and I promise more exciting posts in your future.

I (almost) always deliver.

image: probably an instagram photo but found on tumblr; featured image: tumblr


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