today is not my day

Get ready for a full blown Pity Party for Jennifer. 

As I type this I am lying on my couch with a horrible headache (migraine?) waiting for MasterChef to start so I can feel a teensy bit better about my crappy day. It’s just been one of those days where everything felt off from the minute I woke up. It also felt ridiculously hot in the house today and I lacked motivation in. all. aspects. You know those days where you felt like you accomplished nothing? That was today, but in a more literal sense. My one successful production from July 14, 2014 is this blog post. I pulled myself further into a slump by really wanting to start and complete a new hand lettering project but failed in all aspects. Inspiration just did not strike, and the feeling of wanting to create but being desperately unable to absolutely sucks. And to top everything off, this headache. It’s the worst.

Headaches are dumb, guys. Forreal.

Anyway. I’m pretty sure if I embrace this headache with open arms I will feel better because I know we’ve all heard how a positive attitude usually solves most problems. 

But it’s almost 8pm, guys. I think I’ll just leave the “let the positive attitude appear!” train to MasterChef, some more tv, and some blueberry cream pie.

Talk to you soon.

(I think I thought writing about my sad sad day would make me feel a little better. And hey, it kind of did.)

featured image: tumblr


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