a late things i love thursday

Part two + the finale of my vacation dedicated posts.

swimming/jet skiing/inner tubing in the blue, blue waters of lake tahoe • comfortable vacation home/hotel beds • black cherry vanilla ice cream • waking up at 7am to cook breakfast for the parents • the fact that it’s august • gorgeous sunsets + views • no tax shopping • dresses with pockets • becoming acquainted with new and getting to know old friends • seattle, always because there is no place like home • vacations in general • conference living because I am having serious withdrawals already • car chargers because they keep saving my life • how I never got tired (and still am not tired) of my this year’s mix CD because I put all the right songs on it • driving through california • my favorite sushi place in oregon, discovered last year on a whim • road trips in general • late night swims • how it feels to be driving at 11pm and suddenly, all the roads start looking familiar because you always know what home looks and feels like, and then you’re surrounded by the city lights and literally, nothing feels better than this feeling: it’s why I always drive the last stretch of any road trip and it is one of the biggest things I love

And that’s it. It’s so good to be home after 1.5 weeks away, and despite having caught a cold I am going to be right back and at it tomorrow with some touristy activities down in Pike Place. I love you, Seattle. Goodnight.


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