things i love thursday

Back! Hope you missed these little posts because I sure did.


dorm shopping with an accidental blue/teal color scheme (my favorite) • pike place dates because I never get tired of visiting • matching rings with my best, while she was here in seattle + just getting to spend more than 5 days with her as per the usual • this song • new denim • (okay, I just have to leave this here for my future self to look back on and laugh at) cute boys who call you “sweetheart” and are just so nice to you • learning to like running • chips and dip • daily pilates • going back to volunteering • fancy dinner dates with the six people I’ve known for 18 years, give or take a few months, and two others; and just those friendships in general • puppies • waking up early (if 8:30am can even be considered that) • arrow, which I really can’t stop watching • finally falling asleep after tossing and turning for hours, which was me last night • late night talks because I’ll never not appreciate them • bubble tea runs • driving home at night with pandora playing • curls and shift dresses • target and online shopping • cheesecake (I’ve had it twice this week and I might have it tomorrow, but one thing I will not have is shame over these three excursions) • the break in the hot hot weather we’ve been experiencing • this photo

A lot of these are from just yesterday, but yesterday was a day with lots to love and be thankful for.

image: tumblr


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