friends (since) forever

(Disclaimer: this post is on the heavier side of cheesy cliches, and I probably get a little too teary and mushy at times. Read on at your own discretion! Goodbyes are hard.)

Let me tell you about a little somethin’ called “friendship”.

First things first, you should know that I’m kind of a sappy person. And by “sappy”, I mean someone who’s always gushing on twitter about how blessed she is and how great of a day it was and how she has the best friends in the world. Everyone else just goes home after a long day and falls asleep in bed with Netflix, but me? I tweet about it. It’s probably why I have a blog if we’re being 100% honest about it (and when are we not!). But really, friendship: I will never not appreciate it and be thankful for the friends that I do have. And I think more recently, I’ve learned to appreciate the friends I once had, as in past tense, as in the past.

I used to really, adamantly, hate change. I hated it because I felt like more often than not, things and situations and people would change for the worse, and “good” change was hard to come by. I was most comfortable with stability and with the familiar, and I found it hard to handle when things challenged me out of my comfort zone. The same applied with friendships; when people changed, friendships inevitably changed, and that wasn’t always the easiest. But I’ve learned a lot over the past 18 years, about people and relationships and embracing oh-so-scary-change–so in this blog post I am pushing, really pushing, that silver lining crap. The bit about looking on the bright side, about the glass half full? I’m really pushing it.

From each friendship in my life, whether it be the ones in the past or the ones today, I have learned something. And collectively, I’ve learned so much. Inevitably, people change and sometimes that breaks friendships apart. Other times, two people will just naturally grow apart as they grow up, and that’s still a part of the change I used to be so afraid of. But in every beginning and every ending I’ve discovered so much about who I am as a person, and so I’m thankful. I wouldn’t be who I am today without the laughter and the tears and the heartache and the good, good memories. 18+ years, and I’ll be starting a new adventure soon with new people and new memories and new journeys to embark on. I feel like this is as good a time to reflect as any.

I was spurred to write this post because the past month has consisted a lot of the most important people in my life, and saying goodbye to some of those people. I never thought much about college and how, to get there, some people have to leave. But last week I said my goodbyes, and it turns out I’ve been saying these goodbye in parts and pieces over the past month. In a “things I love thursday”, I mentioned this photo. The caption sums up how I feel about those 5 who have been a h u g e constant in my life. We had to say goodbye to two of the six, and it was hard. It was hard because for the first time in nearly two decades, that core was breaking up and distance will be challenging these friendships over the next four years. Nevertheless (I feel like this blog post is filled with cliches and cliche transitions, but that’s pretty much how I feel about my friends–cheesy mushy gushy), I’m thankful. I would not be who I am today without these friendships.

We’ve been friends since forever, and we will be friends forever.

So let me tell you about a little somethin’ called “friendship”, because it’s so good. Sometimes it’s predictable and sometimes it’s unpredictable in a really wonderful way; you win some and you lose some, my dear readers, and I hope that in friendships you always win in some way or other (think: silver lining, looking on the bright side, glass half full). To the core six, I am always going to be thankful for your friendships, just as I am thankful for all the other bridges I have built in my life.

Like I once wrote on my Tumblr, “It is so much better to build bridges than to burn them. And please try to remember, it is never too late to rebuild what you have burned.” Friends since forever, friends forever, it’s all the same.


featured image: tumblr


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