things i love thursday


this song, and running to it and blasting it and dancing to it • week 4 of running, though it still kills and sometimes I still feel like I’m actually dying • celebrities accepting the ALS ice bucket challenge and donating as well • baking mini cheesecakes • fly a little higher by laura sobiech, which both breaks my heart and heals it • sweetened soy milk • all the summer fruit selections • not spending the whole day in front of the computer • cleaning and vacuuming, because I am one of the few who actually enjoys it from time to time • fresh bed sheets • people who read my blog and text me about it afterwards (you know who you are!) • catching up with old friends • ordering things online + my target REDcard = free shipping, and I really do love free shipping

I feel like I’m having a hard time being thankful this week, based on the length of this post, but really the past few days have just been filled with reading, pilates, running, watching new ALS ice bucket challenges (they never end), and repeat. I’m not complaining though, because overall, it’s been a good week as per usual. I’ll see you in 7 days for the same ol’ deal.

image: tumblr


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