Friday quote

I should probably rename my “Friday quote” posts as “Friday cheesy and inspirational quote” because most of the quotes I end up picking fall on the side of THIS IS YOUR INSPIRATIONAL ENCOURAGEMENT FOR THE REST OF THE WEEK + HAVE A NICE WEEKEND. Caps lock and all. Don’t argue with me, I know it’s true! But sometimes my personality (and hence, my blog) falls on the side of cheesy and inspirational, and there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s probably better to be overly optimistic with a side of realistic than to be a whole darn entree of Debbie Downer.


I’ve really learned this quote over the past week, especially since I’ve been spending so much time on Pilates and running lately. I follow Cassey’s (blogilates) Pilates routines/workouts, and she’s always telling her viewers to keep going because it’s all in your head. If you tell yourself you can do it, you can. Yesterday’s routine was one video: 1000 squats. I started it with the goal of completing half the video, or 500 squats, because I like to set low standards for myself. Just kidding–but I really only expected myself to get through half of it, so imagine my surprise when I got through the whole thing: and it wasn’t that bad. When I passed 500 squats, I just told myself to get through the next hundred, and the next, and the next up until the thousandth squat. 

And seriously, was I proud of myself.

Have an inspiration-filled weekend!

image: tumblr; featured image: tumblr as well


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