things i love thursday

Packing yet another good week into this summer makes for today’s Things I Love Thursday. Today, I’m thankful.


chipotle • renting 3 movies from redbox at a late friday night sleepover, then watching them one after the other, which made for a 6am bedtime • arizona iced tea • vacuuming, because a clean house never doesn’t feel good • forcing myself to spend my sunday night with people I’ve always felt semi-uncomfortable around for reasons related to “how do I fit in: a thrilling series to the soundtrack of my life”, and having a good time there • guac • power naps • learning important life/spiritual lessons over the past month • hobby lobby and all the adorable prints/gold foil lettering that are/is there • warm chocolate chip cookies • dorm decor planning (time till move in: less than a month) • the fact that I am more than halfway through my couch to 5k program and it’s not that bad (but still kind of bad) • strawberry banana smoothies • dogs that cuddle up beside you on the couch • the weather we’ve been experiencing lately • putting (very promising) books on hold at the library, even though they probably won’t be ready till I’m already in school • this song, which has been teaching me to be still and count my blessings • organizing the office and recycling papers from the past three years (goodbye high school) • running errands because it makes me feel productive • the fact that the soda machine at the hospital where I volunteer has been broken for months, and so now they give out bottled sodas which just seems so much better than soda in a paper cup • nestle’s drumstick ice cream • the arrow season 2 finale, because dang • plums • august in general: I’ve really been enjoying this summer and august is always so lovely, watching the last rays of summer shine brightly before they die down • and at the same time, how autumn is coming: september is upon us and I couldn’t be more excited • on the note of summer fading into fall: apparently pumpkin spice lattes are back and I need to go get myself one; aka other signs that fall is coming (!!) 

tumblr_n6vtsjsWkL1sksdsyo1_500I meant to blog another post (separate from the weekly ones, like this post) earlier this week but either a) time escaped me, or b) I couldn’t figure out exactly what I wanted to talk about. There’s been a lot of quiet reflection going on in my life over the past few days, however, so there will probably be a super vague and lengthy post about that up soon. As you know, I always deliver in the rambling + not really clear department. So anyway, thank you for reading as I blog about two times per week! Thank you thank you thank you. See you tomorrow.

images: tumblr



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