Friday quote

We are inching closer and closer to fall and the Seattle forecast is definitely proving it. On my shopping list (after I start feeling a little less guilty spending money, because I have spent way too much of it lately): dark brown boots and more sweaters. Always more sweaters!

And now for today’s carefully selected Friday (cheesy and inspirational) quote:

tumblr_momehqnuZH1s2948io1_500I’ve been thinking a lot about how sometimes, I feel like this society is raising a generation of young adults who are too afraid to speak out for what they believe in. Don’t get me wrong, in a lot of ways my generation is more bold and outspoken in our stance on some very important issues. But at the same time, a lot of us are meekly hiding behind our computer and phone screens day in and day out. A lot of us have no trouble stating that we believe strongly in feminism, but can’t make a phone call to customer service because phone calls and conversations with people/strangers in general are not our thing. I saw a post yesterday along the lines of, “answering a question in class and having my heart beat rapidly for an hour afterwards”, and I don’t think that’s okay.

Be bold, be fearlessly authentic, be brave. I’m planning on tacking those words challenging me to be more up on my wall in my dorm because, although I don’t have a problem talking to people and interacting in social situations, sometimes I need the reminder to have more courage in other aspects.

Stop settling. And also, have a good Friday and Labor Day weekend!

image: kelly from 2013 year of lettering via tumblr (always); featured image: tumblr



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