a truly laborless day, and other things

Happy Labor Day and hello hello hello to September, the month of all things fall. Even though the first day of fall isn’t officially till the 23rd, I am 100% positive that the moment September rolls around everything shifts into autumn mode. That might be due in part to the lazy day and transitional weather we’ve been experiencing so far today, but anyway. I’ve been anticipating fall for awhile now, because even though this summer was all sorts of wonderful, I’m ready for boots and sweaters and PSLs to make their way back into my life.

I suppose the most energy I’ve exerted today has been over: 1. the 40 minute Pilates session that happened on my hardwood floor a few hours ago, and 2. the impending 30 minute run that will happen today before I lounge on the couch because it’s MasterChef Monday. It hasn’t been the most exciting of holidays but it’s been a really nice day nonetheless. Sometimes I just need a day to relax and do nothing before getting my act together because… college starts the day after the autumnal equinox (what? first day of fall, folks). I think I’m ready, but we’ll see what I’m like by the end of this month (stay tuned!).

In other news, everyone else around here will be going back to high school/middle school/elementary school in two days. Have I ever talked about how good it feels to actually be a real college student? Something about being in college just feels so much more freeing, and like my life is more together. In actuality my life is probably the least together in terms of the future/academics/social + love life now compared to the structure of high school, but I’m really ready for whatever newfound independence I currently have.

Anyway, September. It’s kind of crazy to think that I started this blog 2 months ago and am still posting away. 30 (29, really) more days to go and I’m excited to see what else will be different by then. Wish me luck! And pray lots, if you have a relationship with Jesus and all that good stuff that comes along with knowing Him.

To end this post (and because this post needs photos), my tumblr’s been going through a subtle transition into fall, so here are some of my favorite photos as of late.






images: tumblr of course; featured image: same


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