things i love thursday

Happy Thursday + Seahawks kickoff day! Usually, I start writing these posts earlier on in the week so I can collect/remember the things I loved over the past 7 days. But for some reason or other that escaped me this time around, so let’s see if I can still create a long and healthy list of things I’m thankful for.


trader joe’s dark chocolate • today, because it’s seahawks game day!! • the peace and quiet of my morning and early afternoon, because my brother is finally back at school for the year • pandora stations that help me fall asleep after trying and failing to do so for nearly two hours • this song • today’s weather, which is perfect for sitting outside and reading a book • my evening runs • people who stop and give me a quick compliment on my piano playing during my volunteer time, it’s really the most rewarding thing • judy’s (and benji’s) vlogs • married at first sight, which has become a guilty pleasure of mine over the past week • september: we experienced a glimpse of fall weather earlier this week, but now we’re back to the sunshine and I honestly am good with both • making my first step into college life with a volunteer opportunity • tracking my new laptop’s shipping position across the country (it’s making quite the travel, I assure you) • a friend’s short story he sent me for proofing • saving blog posts in my drafts for later • the excitement of move-in, though I don’t love the sleepless nights that accompany it • cute sports bras • adding to my pile of “bring to college” things • marley & me by josh grogan, which I just started earlier this morning but I love the movie (honestly I watch it all the time) and so far, I’m loving the book • finally figuring out how to access my UW email • the smell of bbq during my evening runs: so. good. • planning my dorm room configuration (another reason why I have been so unable to fall asleep these past two days) • wedding videos, since I am the biggest sap on the planet sometimes


Also, yesterday night as I was trying to fall asleep (again, with Pandora), my mind would not stop racing with thoughts about the future: academics, friends, jobs, volunteer opportunities, relationships–and suddenly, I was overwhelmed by a feeling of immense peace. It was a beautiful thing, and I’m so thankful.

images: tumblr


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