things i love thursday


first off, my new laptop: it’s been on quite the travel across the country and finally arrived on monday; so far it’s been working smoothly and it’s beautiful and I’m in love • these cakes; they’re making me want to go to a wedding really badly • haagen-dazs pomegranate dark chocolate ice cream bars, my goodness • finishing marley & me: I’ve been watching it in parts over the past two weeks (I’m still working on the book!) • the masterchef two hour special, and it’ll be the same for the finale this coming monday (elizabeth’s my favorite to win, if you watch) • new and colorful sport bras • the married at first sight finale • indian food/curry • sushi for breakfast; I’ll never turn it down • partially getting back to my normal sleep schedule • playing through the hymn book • the chocolate fondue fountain at a buffet I went to two weeks ago • waking up early and making myself breakfast • honey crisp apples (my favorite) • pretty blogs (like this one) • when my pandora station is playing all the right songs • pretty green smoothies because of the addition of kale • mason jars • making plans for brunch • stocking up on contact solution and face wash at my last target run… don’t know why that makes me so happy, but it does • frozen grapes • my mini mall trip with my dad this past sunday: he pretty much just stood in the middle of forever 21 as I went to return an item I purchased and ended up looking at their camis and waiting in line and walking back and forth… and he just stood there while I did not make good use of my time!

image: tumblr


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