things i love thursday

the washington state fair: funnel cakes, elephant ears, and winning those darn rigged games (a well deserved accomplishment, especially since last year we spent $80 and ended up with the tiniest stuffed dog ((appropriately named ‘champ’))) • the taco bell trip that followed, because we went last year and somehow we’re always creating odd traditions • and lastly, the drive home • finishing the couch to 5k program!! honestly it felt amazing at the end of week 8 day 3 and, though the feat is probably small to some, I’m so proud of myself • fudge chocolate cake (which I ate after the MasterChef finale, because it was awful and I needed something good to end my night) • how busy this week is • nearly being done with packing… why do I have so much stuff • this article covering Catherine Lowe’s testimony; her and Sean are my favorite Bachelor couple to date, and probably will be for all time • these prints/life goals • finally successfully making a phone call after waiting 40+ minutes three times, having two of the calls be dropped because the phone battery died once and the signal was poor second, and being put on hold over and over again • spending yesterday baking cookies with my future roommate • being out and about all day wednesday, because I love being busy • homemade bubble tea • planning dorm room decor ideas

Looking forward: I’m moving in tomorrow, so there will probably be something up on the blog about that.. I’m also ready for the first day of fall, bundling up in comfy clothing, pumpkin spice lattes, a weekend of university activities, and eventually? Christmas music. In my life, we always look waaay ahead.


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