things i love thursday

I realized this past week that college consists of a lot of “late night” everything. You’ll see what I mean.


this article on learning to love yourself and putting that armor down • late night Fred Meyer runs • late night campus walks back to my dorm, courtesy of campus security • learning how to get across campus in the quickest/shortest way • late night snacking • when it stops raining in Seattle, making the walks to class so much more bearable • late night girl talks with my roommate • late night anything-web-related • Skype dates and missing some of my favorite people all over again • meeting new people + actually exchanging contact information • people who say “hello” when you pass them • people who smile when they see you • having my own private bathroom • my dorm room in general • making bunting to decorate the walls • stocking up the fridge • Greek yogurt • free samples of e v e r y t h i n g, including free bottles of Odwalla smoothies that have stepped in as my lunch this past week • my study space • people who make me really laugh • living on west campus and actually having wifi • free bubble tea • that feeling when you make progress on a volunteer project • late night hang outs • people who hold the door open for you • the fact that I have hummus sitting in the fridge, and granola sitting in our makeshift “pantry” of sorts • keeping my living space clean • seeing huskies all across campus • this piece of prose • slowly slowly s  l  o  w  l  y getting back into the routine of studying (it’s been such a struggle) • staying up for late night daily vlogs • my roommate, who keeps making us dinner • my bed at college, because I think it’s pretty comfortable despite what everyone said beforehand • high fives: they’re my feel-good thing • buying textbooks for the (hopefully) best deal possible • alumni who find me their old clickers/course material and make the drive to campus to drop it off • finishing a 3-4 page mini paper due tomorrow, and finally being able to get this week’s things I love Thursday up on the blog

College has been nothing but good to me over the past six days, and I’m really content with life at the moment. Here’s to hoping it stays that way! Chronicling my first year of university starts now.

image: you know the drill


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