moved in + things I miss

Hello from the college life, as it’s a late night kind of life. As I type this, I am currently lying on my bed with headphones in, post watching Castle season 7 episode 1 (which was fantastic, by the way). It’s nearly 2am and I should probably get to bed soon, but it’s been a hectic week and a little blogging therapy certainly never hurt anyone… especially me.

So anyway, I’ve been living on campus for two weeks now. I wouldn’t say I’m homesick, but I’ve definitely collected quite a few things for my list of “things I miss”, which I’ve conveniently compiled for you down below.

The small comforts of life. I suppose this is an umbrella title, but things like the couch upstairs that I do homework and nap on, and the numerous blankets I like to bury myself under. I also miss having a fully stocked pantry at my disposal, and making myself a cup of tea seemed like an awfully easier task when I was still back at home. Also I’m alright right now, but sooner or later I’m going to miss having a freezer to store carton after carton of ice cream in.

TV, live. For some reason or other, Mondays were always the day I would watch a favorite TV show live. Over the summer MasterChef Mondays were my enjoyment and during the school year I never missed an episode of Castle. Even when I was taking 12 exams over the course of two weeks this past May, I always forced myself to take a break and just r e l a x, because at 10pm honestly how much more studying is going to help, anyway? (Answer: none.)

Having, and driving, my car. I really miss that red Subaru with the sunroof. Busing will probably be pretty convenient, but I am seriously going to miss late night drives with the radio on. Getting gas by myself was also one of those things that always made me feel like an adult, and I’m going to miss that feeling of independence and responsibility. Because I clearly embody both those traits.

Family. Had to put this on the list. My brother snapped me a video of my dad a few days ago, and I miss them and the way they always made me laugh. Like I said, I’m not homesick yet, but home is still so good.

Running through my neighborhood. I finally had the chance to go running on the treadmill on Friday night, and can I just say… treadmill running does not hold a candle to running through my neighborhood. I realized early on that I hate running along the track because it was just the same old lane over and over, and so I switched to running through my neighborhood–which I love, because it gives me a change of scenery. I kid you not, staring at a TV above the treadmill is not the same thing at all.

Summer fruit and ice cream. I know this is quite the contradictory pair, but I miss these things like you wouldn’t believe.

Forgive the lack of eloquence in this post, I just needed to get this up tonight before I went to bed. In the craziness of the past two weeks, sometimes you just have to finish something before you dive back into the mess that is your life. Sweet dreams, till next time.

featured image: tumblr


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