things I love thursday

endlessly thankful for my guy friends who walk me back to my dorm when it’s late at night • living on campus… I almost stayed at home and commuted this year, and I honestly cannot imagine doing that now • the blessings of small and large group • making a meal plan for our dinners this week • my roommate introduced me to tea rice tonight and now it’s all I want to eat • buying a carton of ice cream to store in our freezer; it’s partially melted at any given time but that’s alright with me • watching How to Get Away with Murder with the roommate • my FIG group, in which it is so easy to get along with everyone • the sunsets on campus • Spotify • how I’m surrounded by sick people but somehow am not sick yet (pray pray pray for me that I didn’t just jinx myself) • frozen yogurt • sleeping through the night two times this week and bringing the total count to three: since moving into my dorm I’ve woken up periodically nearly every night, and I’m pretty sure it’s because a bus keeps stopping in front of my building at that time… but so thankful that I may have finally gotten used to that and can now sleep through it / end rant • laughing so hard my cheeks hurt • (excuse the sappiness, but) quick phone calls that never fail to make me smile • walking down my hallway and hearing three guys singing “High Hopes” by Kodaline and then “Banana Pancakes” by Jack Johnson, acoustic guitars included • the fact that it hasn’t rained for two weeks or so • the chocolate raspberry cheesecake I treated myself to on Wednesday • having the chance to teach kindergarten for Sunday School this month • still haven’t watched, but Arrow came back this week and I am sooo excited • fall clothing is back and I’m in love • my Target boots shipment, because the rain’s coming back and I’m in need • not missing this week’s Things I Love Thursday: everything escapes me lately, but I will not let the craziness of college stop me from ranting my heart out this and every Thursday

Aaand I think that’s it for the past two weeks/for now. Everything’s going quite nicely, as long as I remember that it’s never as bad as it seems. Thank you college, you are proving to be quite the adventure.


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