things i love thursday

weeks that turn out to not be quite as bad as I expected… the past four days, I’m looking at you • so of course I love my roommate, but I also loved the privacy of having the room to myself when she went home last weekend • restocking on pita chips • catching up with my favorite people over long webcam sessions • chocolate: I don’t love how I’ve been stress eating it, but I’m just glad it exists for those days where you need to stress eat • how Taylor Swift’s new album is coming out in less than two weeks • finding time to catch up on my TV shows, and finding time to update my blog • my kindergarten class for Sunday school because I am so glad I get to teach them, as much as a handful they can be at times • Alex & Sierra’s new album • discovering new music to listen to on Spotify • when I go to bed before 1am (so so rare these days) • people who look out for me and pray for me • seeing people I’ve only recently met on campus, and having them say hi • brush pens • pumpkin cheesecake and haagen-dazs’ vanilla swiss almond ice cream (ate both of these on Tuesday night after dinner, with donut holes, and I regret nothing) • continuing Pilates even though I’m unmotivated half the time or way too busy to be doing it anyway • the tacos my roommate and I had for dinner tonight • the wonderful feeling of finishing my homework at 9pm and relaxing for the next few hours, which was me tonight and I am feeling so thankful

Contrary to the long list of things above: 1:30am bedtime, I don’t love you. But it’s a good life regardless, and I will see you back here next week with more and more and more things that I love.


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