things i love thursday

Welcome to this week’s Things I love Thursday. First, a friendly reminder:


And let’s get to it.

getting through my first round of college midterms, hallelujah • going home last weekend • the return of my days of green tea and honey, but not because I’m sick • Shane & Shane via Spotify • fresh bed sheets in college • laundry day with my roommate, because the drying situation we have set up is pretty laughable • eating pasta all the time • living on campus: seriously so, so convenient • having a full length mirror in my room again • getting 8 hours of sleep • watching TV with my brother again when I went home this last weekend • Nutter Butters • how excited my kindergarten class was with the craft I came up with last Sunday • catching up on the mom blogs I shamelessly read (this one and this one) • clean work spaces • the lovely fall weather this year • my new boots • the sample of butternut squash soup I had yesterday • finally satisfying my craving of pie (since August) with pumpkin pie and vanilla ice cream • how we’re learning about sleep in psychology right now, because it’s so fascinating • rainy Seattle weather, feels like home to me • much needed naps • how much more relaxed everything feels now that midterms are over • nights where I have the option of doing nothing, because maybe I’ve finally gotten used to how hectic college life really is • my FIG group • taking a day to work on applications (today!) • late nights at the undergrad library • Guacahips: because WHAT at the existence of tortilla chips that taste like guacamole • words of affirmation, my love language

image: tumblr


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