things i love thursday

Seriously almost forgot to post for this week, because I’m pretty sure I’m busier when it’s not midterm week(s). And now that I’ve said that I’ll probably regret everything during my next round of midterms. Anyway! Moving on to things I love.

possibilities: the possibility of an internship, of things working out, of love • wearing my rain boots around campus • pumpkin spice cake • getting nearly 8 hours of sleep yesterday night, especially since I slept less than 5 the night before • fall weather • my favorite guys in math as we all bond over the craziness that class brings • late nights at the undergraduate library • getting things done • my bed • brownies • nights where I have the option of not doing homework if I really don’t want to (side note: just checked last week’s post and I definitely wrote about this last week as well) • Saturday meetings when the power goes out and candles are lit everywhere • catching up on my TV shows • this week’s small group/large group • moments when I laugh so hard I start crying • days that aren’t Mondays, because Mondays are filled with classes • being brave and having serious conversations • phone calls that change everything, hello this past Tuesday night • 1989, because it is fantastic and I love every song • when my brother texts me because he needs to rant about school, and I’m just glad he still decides to come to me even though I’m not living at home anymore • meeting my friend’s hedgehog • football Sundays, because every day is better when the Seahawks are playing • unity, encouragement, selflessness: all good things • the apple pie I baked on Saturday • learning so much more about myself over the past month teaching my kindergarten Sunday school class • the lesson of patience: tough, but rewarding • when my friend bribes me to hang out with him using green tea ice cream and dimsum and macarons… food is so persuasive and I will not turn it down

I’ve been tired beyond belief this week, but it’s been good. Late night bedtimes abounding and early morning wake ups to follow, and it’s always good. So anyway, I’m thankful, and these weekly posts continue to remind me to be thankful for the good (and bad) in my life.


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