november notes

Just because I want to get a few things from today up on the blog, in case I ever want to reference them later on in the future. Also because I’m squeezing in my second blog post of the “week”, oops. And also because I’m avoiding my math homework, oops again.

  • It’s (finally) November, the month of more pumpkin-everything, Thanksgiving, and my birthday. Let’s make it good. And also because I n e v e r seem to understand the concept of time and the passage of it: how are we already on the next to last month of 2014? Someone explain this to me quick, before it’s 2018 and I’m graduating from college or something.
  • Daylight savings time when we fall back: I love it. Praise the Lord for finally sleeping over 8 hours last night, because it was absolutely glorious.
  • Today was also the first time I went to a Seahawks game and it all happened in probably one of the craziest ways possible. I’m so thankful that I got to go for part of it, though, because it was really the best and I love this team so much.
  • I also went out to dinner tonight with my dad and brother, and it was just one of those really lovely Sundays that I don’t want to forget. So on the blog it goes.

Basically, today was just one of those days where I was really happy, and whether that was attributed to getting a good night’s sleep or the people around me, it doesn’t matter. I was blissfully content with life and that feeling is always worth blogging about. Hopefully it was worth your time reading. 🙂

featured image: tumblr, you know it


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