the best kind of conversation

Monday night I spent three hours at a bubble tea shop talking with a friend about life and love and everything centered around Jesus Christ. It was probably one of my favorite conversations I’ve had at college to date, doubling as one of the sweetest and tripling as one of the most encouraging. It’s always the best kind of conversation that leads to the best kind of night, the spontaneous and utterly wonderful kind that only God Himself could plan. And you spend the whole time marveling at how good He is and how He always puts the right people in Your life at the right time.

I’ve learned that a lot, lately. How God always places the greatest people in your life at exactly the time you need them. Half the time I don’t know how or why I’ve been blessed with them; I just sit back and enjoy their friendship because God is so, so good. All the time. (Overuse of ‘time’, oops.)

I’m really thankful, and I think that’s the point of these ‘reflecting’ posts. No matter when I write them, it’s always looking back in retrospect and realizing how I was thankful then, thankful during the time in between, and thankful now in the present. There’s a lot that could go wrong, but so much more has gone right.

Our three hour long conversation encouraged me in ways I didn’t know I needed. This sister in Christ has been on the outskirts of my life for the past two years, where we’ve crossed paths but somehow always missed each other by a fraction of a second (actually, I’m the one who kept missing her, but I’ll save our friendship story for another time). I didn’t know we would have so much to talk about, but once we started we kept bouncing ideas and feelings off of one another until closing. Last week when something really big happened in my life, she was one of the two people I knew I could talk to. I’ve only known her a few months, but I just knew she would understand what I was going through, and she did.

So anyway, thanks girl. You don’t read my blog but I am 100% thankful for you and I hope I can be half the encouragement you’ve been to me. There are lots of long fellowship sessions to come in our future, I just know it.

(Also, thanks for saying I’m a catch and that you’re in awe of how inspiring my testimony is. Talk about words of affirmation being my love language, because I love you for saying that even if I don’t always see it.)

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