things i love thursday

going to my first Seahawks game last Sunday • this cover • dinner with my family on Sunday • people who help me with my math homework • webcam calls • Greek yogurt and granola for breakfast • not awkward meetings over dinner • NOVEMBER • discovering new music • fall colors • naps • breaks in between classes • semi effective time management • the feeling that Christmas is coming because I love the holidays more than any other time of the year • theoretical care package assembling • buying Starbucks on campus and having it be charged to my dining account + the guy behind the counter who knew that when I said “caramel macchiato with no ice”, I meant “iced caramel macchiato without the ice” • how my friend stopped by at 12am with flowers • falling asleep immediately • when people trust you enough to ask you for advice on major life decisions • compliments

Things I didn’t love: when it’s 1am and I’m hungry beyond belief but I already brushed my teeth, weekly math quizzes, the work that comes along with my English composition class, trying to figure out my schedule for the next quarter/trying to figure out my life.


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