things i love thursday

There’s a theme that revolves around the drop in temperatures in this week’s post. Read on, you’ll see.


colder weather: I really love bundling up in sweaters and boots and scarves • earl grey lattes (also known as London fog lattes, the more you know) • early birthday gifts (myself personally though, I am horrible at giving gifts on time/if your birthday is in September, expect your present to arrive around the holidays as part of your Christmas present) • fuzzy slippers • hot chocolate • assembling care packages • Starbucks holiday drinks, they’re BOGO through the 16th, so go go go • this one new cardigan that I really really love (thank you to one of the big brother figures in my life for gifting me) and this one sweater with anchors and other sailing themes on it that I also really really love (reason: retail therapy and treat yourself always) • the holidays/Thanksgiving/Christmas + all the holiday plans that come along with this time of year • pumpkin pie • Taylor Swift’s new music video for “Blank Space” • booking my Thanksgiving weekend • Molly Moon’s earl grey and strawberry ice cream • interviews that go smoothly • butter chicken from Cedars/the girls’ night out dinner date this past Saturday • when I actually have self-control and don’t snack because last weekend, I had ice cream three nights in a row and that was mildly traumatizing or something so I’ve been real good about being healthy this week… you gotta make up for it somehow and balance it all out • late nights at the undergrad library where more talking gets done than studying, but quality bonding time (QBT) will never not be welcomed • the middle of this week, when I started to feel like myself again because apparently I hadn’t been my usual self for a couple of days before that • how there are approximately 3 weeks left in the quarter • the gorgeous sunshine that is making fall in Seattle the prettiest thing ever, even with temperatures in the low 30s • Fridays, because no English • prospective Black Friday shopping • having some sense of direction for my future • chasing after Jesus, because boy do I need Him


Also, this past week I have really been trying to welcome the lesson of faith that God has been putting in my life. It’s been hard, and it’s definitely been something that He’s been gently reminding me of for awhile now. But this week the lesson could not have been more clear, and while I really struggled with even coming to a point where I could begin to learn it, He was so so patient with me. Always loving. Always understanding. Always firm with me, which is exactly what I needed. So, as a mini-update before I write an entire blog post about it, life right now is a lesson in faith. And despite how hard it is for me, I’m going to welcome it because Jesus knows what He’s doing.

This week was also the week I caved and started listening to Christmas music, because the weather is definitely reminding me of the holidays. It’s never too early? (But it is.)

Finally, the fact that I’ve discovered the joys of Starbucks on campus being charged to my meal plan… it’s really hard not to drink coffee every day when it’s basically cost free. But not guilt free, so I should probably stop. Yeah. Right.

images: tumblr


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