things i love thursday (on a friday)


Time really escaped me yesterday, somewhere in between girl talk with my roommate and staying on top of my to do list. Thursdays are blessedly free for me this first quarter, which I am SO thankful for. And now for the rest of my list of things I loved from this past week:

when I take the effort/time to blow dry my hair and it’s wonderfully soft afterwards • how wonderful Asus is with customer service/repairs! my laptop broke two weeks ago and my dad shipped it off on Saturday, it reached California the following Wednesday and was fixed/shipped back within a day, arrived back in Seattle on Monday, and was back in my hands Tuesday morning; and not a moment too soon either, I am giving Asus rave reviews • and to follow, I so love my dad who drove out at 9pm to help me troubleshoot and brought me pumpkin pie, and then bused over early this past Tuesday to give me back my laptop, and then sent me a series of emails complete with dad jokes and all to make sure everything was working smoothly • the Josh Groban (holiday) station on Pandora • Starbucks lattes: I’ve been going through their lattes lately and have had the pumpkin spice (multiple times), earl grey/London fog, green tea, chai tea latte, and the vanilla latte • long talks with my roommate • last week I stumbled upon Haagen-Dazs’ white chocolate raspberry truffle ice cream and I have been craving it ever since • the amazing food I’ve been eating all week + the food I’ll be eating this and next weekend


Breaking this up because the amount of text is overwhelming me:

THANKSGIVING, it’s around the corner • cooking for 3 straight hours on Wednesday for sushi night for large group • acing my second math midterm • when class is canceled because Thanksgiving break is coming • my friends, who always know how to make me laugh and relax • Tuesday morning when I was on my way to take my midterm and I was overwhelmed with the reminder that “it’ll all be okay in the end” and also reminded of His infinite love and grace • there are certain people who, when I can make them smile/laugh, it just fills me with so much happiness and wow this is so sappy but wow it’s so true to my life • reading through Ephesians/Philippians/Colossians these past few weeks • I’ve mentioned this before, but I really love fall in Seattle • how each day brings us one step closer to the holidays • finishing my math assignment early and getting it out of the way • dark chocolate granola • salted caramel shake • the Facebook video my brother made to thank me for being his sister, so dorky and cute • this video • my first time waking up at 6am for registration and actually getting the schedule I wanted • reassurance


Other things I love/are somewhat worth noting:

Lately words of affirmation have just kept coming into my life. I honestly would blog about them all but that seems so self-absorbed and I am not about that at all. But words of affirmation are my love language and I cannot tell you how grateful I am to have people in my life who somehow know exactly the right thing to say to me when I need encouragement the most. Seriously thankful to Jesus for these lovely people who make my life so beautiful.

I also landed a position at an internship yesterday, which will take up my time from February to mid-September before sophomore year starts. Honestly, it hasn’t really sunk in and I’m still in disbelief about the whole thing and how in the world is it not even the end of first quarter yet and I’ve already booked my whole summer + the months preceding it? HOW. The commitment is scaring me and I don’t even have commitment issues. Trust me when I say I will keep you posted on allll that rewarding stress in my future. But being serious for a second, I actually am so thankful that God put this position in my life. I already know it’s going to test me, but He is so faithful and I am learning to trust in that (will seriously blog about this later/soon, it’s in my drafts I promise).


Oh and rereading this post I am smiling at how good this week turned out to be, even though it had its fair share of lows. My 19th year of life (because when you turn 1 you’ve already lived a year… yes?) is coming to a close and though the past few weeks have been rough, I’ve had the greatest year. Praise the Lord for making this little life so great.

images: all tumblr aaand also I’ve stayed up to write this and it took me way longer than I thought (hooray for endless lists of things to be thankful for) and now it’s 1:30am and I’ve been sleep deprived for the past three days and clearly it’s all rational thinking from here on out


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