things i love thursday

Merry Christmas to my wonderful readers! I hope your day was filled with lots of holiday cheer, which should include cookies, lights, presents, friends/family, and all the love in the world. Everyday should be a reminder of our dear Savior’s birth but I hope today you were even more reminded that He is the reason for the season. Tonight I’m going to fall asleep with Josh Groban’s “Noel” CD underneath the tree and I have absolutely zero complaints about that. 🙂


these notebooks that look like a wonderful gift with an equally wonderful price tag • being reunited with my greatest childhood friends for the holidays • the new Spotify playlist I made of soundtracks/instrumentals (it’ll make such good studying music and while I am 100% in denial that eventually I’ll be back at school, I’m semi excited about this) • setting up the tree • falling asleep to Josh Groban’s Christmas CD • the retreat I went to from Sunday to Tuesday and all the messages heard there (also thankful for the messages from the conference I attended prior to the retreat) • rewatching The Holiday today and falling in love with the score for that movie • finally catching up on Arrow • sushi buffets and getting my green tea ice cream fix • spending yesterday with my second family • hot chocolate • campfires and s’mores • almost finishing my Bible reading plan for the year–it’ll be an accomplishment that I’m excited to start again for 2015

The next time I do one of these scheduled Thursday posts it’ll be 2015, and honestly I’m feeling excited to ring in the new year. 2014 was so lovely in so many ways and I thought I wouldn’t be ready to let it go, but each day is a chance for something new–so imagine what a new/fresh year will bring! I hope you’re ready for 2015 and that you’ll be coming along with me by reading this little blog of mine. Happy holidays! The year’s not over yet and I am confident that there are more blessings in store for you over the next 5 days of the year.

image: here by chalkfulloflove on Instagram


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