I’m writing this with Josh Groban’s “Noel” playing in the background even though Christmas 2014 is over and gone, because this CD will be played till New Year’s and a few days after that. There’s a reason I’ve always loved the holidays; something about all this holiday cheer has me wanting to listen to Christmas music in July. But tonight I was scrolling through my Instagram feed when I came across this post and its caption hit me so hard. This resonates with me so much that I’m just going to type it out again here and hopefully you’ll read it, read it again, and let it resonate with you too.

“‘Tis the season. The most beautiful season is the one God has put you in today.”
And the accompanying verse: “And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.” –Romans 8:28 (NASB)

It was like a light was turned on. So much so that I had to get out my laptop because the wifi is still on and get my thoughts out now before I lose them to late nights and forgetfulness. There are so many times where I am on the edge of something big and I’m just grasping at it and it helps x 100 to write things down, so here I am.

Looking back on the past year, I’ve been really proud of myself in terms of my walk with Christ–“proud” is totally not the right word here, but I have just been really thankful for the continuous growth I’ve experienced throughout 2014, make sense? Continuous growth is hard to come by and it certainly has not been the definition of my walk throughout my life. It’s easy to become lazy and not be in relentless pursuit of Christ, yet by His grace I’ve been growing, especially over the last five months. And even though I wasn’t consciously aware of my growth from January to August, I can definitely see now that it was there. I’m thankful that God is always working even when I am not specifically asking Him to, you know?

Yesterday I reblogged this post on Tumblr because it’s stuck with me from the time I read it a few weeks ago. These life lessons are something God has been impressing on my heart since high school, and while the going hasn’t always been smooth, it’s always been rewarding. The moment when you finally realize you’ve grasped the concept He’s been trying to teach you is so freeing. It’s like you’re putting away a part of that old self and becoming a little more Christ-like and all you want to do is say, “Okay, God. What part of me are you going to transform to be more like You next?”. No, it’s not always easy. Yes, it’s always good.

So, back to the Instagram caption. “The most beautiful season is the one God has put you in today.” I honestly don’t know why it took me so long to realize this one. Remember how a few paragraphs up I was saying how a lot of the time I’m at the edge of something big/grasping at it? That caption was my “aha” moment. It’s the one line that sums up all I’ve been learning the past few months. And oh does it feel wonderful to finally understand it.

There were times this past quarter where I really struggled. And I’m not trying to maximize my own life ordeals and minimize others’ when I know full well that other people are going through very real hardships and my struggles are nothing in comparison. But I also think that every problem is specific to the person and an opportunity to be better. So if you’re struggling, that matters. Whatever you’re going through that’s hard for you matters because you matter. God really pushed me this past quarter when I didn’t want to be pushed. Thankfully He never lets our unwillingness hinder His perfect plan or I have no idea where I would be–certainly not writing this post at 2am. But I finally understand what He’s been getting at all this time: what matters is now, and if He has me going through this here or that there, it’s the best place I could be at in any given moment.

There is no beauty in comparison, whether it’s to someone else’s journey or your own past or future. God is growing everyone in different ways for the same purpose. It’s less about how each of us gets there, because we all will in His own way, but more about the fact that we get there. Together. And likewise, there’s no use in thinking that “oh, that part of my life two years ago was better” or “maybe it’ll be better in the future” because right now is neither of those times. That moment you’re referring to in the past was the best season for you to be in back then, and whatever lesson that awaits you in the future will be the best season for you to be in when you get there.

If you’re going through a long and hard season right now, there is no better season for you to be in. And if you’re going through a wonderful and glorious season right now, there still is no better season for you to be in.

God knows exactly what you need, and aren’t you so incredibly grateful that He knows best? I know I am.

Why these posts always turn out so lengthy is beyond me, but I’m putting my laptop away for the night and spending some time in prayer. I’ll reread this post again in the morning before publishing it and I’m hoping it’s as encouraging to you as it is for me.

featured image: here on Tumblr


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