things i love thursday/2015

I have been a lot of things lately, but a good blogger been I have not. (Excuse the haphazard typing, it sounded a lot better in my head and I’m tired and things in my life are kind of haphazard right now, anyway. My blog reflects the state of my life, I kid you not.) So today I’m bringing back the things I love because it’s Thursday and also talking a little bit about 2015, two weeks late.


This week was a hard one (and it’s not over yet but things seem to be looking up) so it’s nice to focus on the good.

productive evenings at the library • when my dad sends me emails with little emoticon faces after his sentences and is like, super proud of himself and all • and likewise, when my brother texts me and makes me laugh because he has the dorkiest sense of humor • dark sea salt chocolate • being a part of the worship team for my on campus ministry • speaking of my on campus ministry, some upperclassmen are paired with lowerclassmen, and I finally met up with mine this past week and we had the loveliest two hour long conversation over coffee • and speaking of coffee, I had my first real cup of coffee with the pretty artistic latte art (no idea whatsoever on its technical name but it’s okay) • listening to my Spotify playlist for hours • my Instagram lately • this past week’s episode of the Bachelor because it was hilarious • people who ground me • long conversations that are hard but have to happen • spiritual growth • hand-lettering • discovering some more of Matt Hires’ music (this one has been a favorite of mine since discovering it yesterday) • sunny Seattle days

And some things from the past few weeks: sleepovers with the best friends/being reunited with them in general over winter break, my schedule this quarter, impromptu runs down to Pike Place.

I figure it’s not too late to blog about 2015 because I still see posts about the new year floating all over social media. My two cents is this: I have no idea what this new year will bring and it’s all so uncertain yet exhilarating but my fingers are crossed (and hands clasped in prayer) that it’s a good one. Actually, scratch that. I know it’s going to be a good one. And the promise of good things to come is more than enough to make this girl excited about the future and all it will inevitably bring.

image: here by Fifty Two Verses


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