things i love thursday

tumblr_nhfzd7Ci1Z1s68sg4o1_500 There’s not much on my list today, because it’s been a trying week. But I appreciate drawing even closer to God, hours of productivity, stumbling upon these sermons given by Matt Chandler and feeling so so encouraged by them (seriously, give them a listen), the return of my favorite TV shows, and people who brighten up my day–whether it’s by their smile, them saying hello, their spontaneous encouragement, or simply by lending a listening ear.

Also, if you read my blog post about what it means to stay (link here), you know a little bit about how my life lately has been a season of waiting. And as I was scrolling through Instagram this afternoon I came across a photo from someone who had written a blog post about the same topic. Of course I opened it, because I love reading blog posts + one that’s that relevant to my life? Perfect. I opened the post (link here) in a separate tab to read during my study break but just immediately knew how it reflected my lesson of learning to stay and the importance of staying when God says to wait. And then literally after having that thought, I heard from someone whom I’ve been waiting on. That was incredibly jumbled and hard to explain but my point is, God is working. And that is what I am most thankful for this Thursday.

image: here by June Letters Studio


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