and she resolves


I’ve been meaning to write this post for awhile now, because suddenly it’s February 2015 and I’m in awe because how in the world did we get here and how did we do it so quickly? I’m not going to lie, the start of this year wasn’t the best for me. There were a lot of ups and downs, and in terms of a roller coaster it felt more like I was always going down, or always climbing vertically up (like 90 degree incline straight up), or just feeling nauseous on the ride all together. But now that I’ve more or less gotten across the first milestone month of the year without crashing and burning (still going along with the roller coaster metaphor, as you can see), this post is brought to you today by my New Year’s Resolutions. I gave up on resolutions in general awhile ago because I never had anything major to set my sights on and I also knew I wouldn’t stay with them. But so far, so good this year on these three things: 1. take more photos, 2. journal through 2015, and 3. immerse myself in Christ.

(Listed in the order of how I came up with them, because let’s face it… if it were in order of importance, #3 would be first. Always. Because I am predictable like that.)

Okay! So #1 was kind of one of those passing thoughts that somehow made its way into my resolutions. I wanted to be better about taking photos as memories, even though all I have is my iPhone camera, so for the whole month of January I posted a photo a day over on my Instagram. Some days it was really easy to take a picture to upload and others… not so much. But what I didn’t bet on getting from this whole “31 days of 2015” (hashtagged, of course) was all the reflective captions I started writing. That was what I ended up missing most about posting daily once January was over. My heart is in writing (one of these years the resolution will be to publish a novel) and so, those lengthy captions were a total yes for me.

Which brings me to #2, where I’m aiming to actually keep a journal this year. It’s nothing big like making myself write something every day (that will probably be my resolution for 2016, quite honestly), but it’s more of having something to write in when I have something to write about. I love that there’s no strict schedule to it and that it’s more personal than this blog, and I can be as vulnerable and open and honest (to an even greater degree than on here) as I want/need to be. Already, writing in a journal has helped me work through some of the tough times mentioned at the start of this post.


And tough times brings me to #3. In late late December I realized my phrase for 2015 is “my life is hidden + found in Christ”. I had no idea how much of a reality this would become in just a few short weeks. More this year than ever, I desperately want my life to be so hidden in Christ that other people will have to know Him in order to know me. Wouldn’t that be the prettiest testimony? And so as I went through an emotional roller coaster last month, a part of me was thankful because these struggles inevitably pushed me closer to Him. I’ve never been closer to God in my whole life than I am now and I’ve also never experienced this kind of constant growth. It’s so, so good. Difficult–insanely difficult, but good.

And that’s it! I just wanted to write these down more to keep myself accountable than anything else. Feel free to join me in keeping these resolutions, they’re pretty good ones if I do say so myself. 🙂

images: here by Harley Quinn & Co., here by She Reads Truth; featured image: tumblr


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