things i love thursday

(I wouldn’t say I’ve been the world’s worst blogger lately because that’s not true, but I definitely haven’t been a good one. At all. Sorry!! Sometimes life just gets a little busy and you spend hours at the library and don’t get back to your room until 1am and you have to shower and dry your hair and you have 8:30am classes all week and excuses, and excuses, and excuses.)

Matt Hires’ music, which has been perfect at motivating me through calculus tonight • new water bottles that make drinking water so much easier (I’m so weird when it comes to drinking water) • homemade London Fog lattes • those little moments where you feel blessedly content with life, and you hold onto that because it doesn’t always last long (and next week is the week before round two of midterms) • the impending three day weekend • no chem lab next week • productive homework days • Haagen-Dazs green tea ice cream • watching How to Get Away with Murder + FRIENDS with the roommate • when the sun unexpectedly comes out in Seattle • naps and getting nearly seven hours of sleep (almost!! so close) • bagels for breakfast • worship • the awkward 40 minute gaps on my Thursdays mornings that I have been filling with Bible reading lately and it has been so peaceful • encouragement: through text messages, friendships, conversations, interactions–so much love for these

I have not been good about getting these in lately, and while I’m squeezing this in with half an hour to spare… I’m still patting myself on the back for this one.


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