counting my blessings

I am constantly torn between “take more breaks” and “take less breaks”. But today is Monday and I finally feel like I have a chance to breathe before everything goes back to its usual craziness, so I’m just going to take a deeeep breath before diving headfirst underwater again because that is exactly how college life is feeling right now.

But TODAY… todaytodaytoday has been one of the greatest Mondays in my life that I can ever remember happening. Mondays get talked down a lot because, good weekend or terrible weekend, going back to reality honestly sucks most of the time. But in an effort to be as self-absorbed as possible, let me tell you why my Monday happens to be wonderful today: 8 hours of sleep, 10 second quick and painless registration at 6am, great conversations, canceled class, a good midterm grade, and it’s all sunshine everywhere outside which I am so thankful for. (Also chocolate soymilk + Trader Joe’s salted caramel chai tea latte–yes.)

And in an effort to be as least self-absorbed as possible: I hope your Monday is going just as well as mine is, if not better. I hope all your Mondays/Tuesdays/all days are as happy as I am feeling at this moment.

I have been really content and at peace with life lately, which has been the greatest blessing after ~3 weeks of experiencing an emotional roller coaster. And I know, it is so easy to praise God when life is going smoothly. But today as Jesus poured blessing after blessing into my Monday, I remember thinking that yes, He’s so good to me. And He would still be good to me even if my day was being a typical-no-good-Monday. You know? It’s so freeing to reach a point where I can say that with certainty.

Thursday is another midterm.

And guess what? He is still going to be just as good as He is today.

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One response to “counting my blessings

  1. you are so inspirational!! :’) especially “and He would still be good to me even if my day was being a typical-no-good-Monday.” in this crazy emotional roller coaster i’m going through… i needed this. ❤ -your #1 follower xoxo

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