things i love thursday

Today was one of those days where I wish I got more done than I actually got done, but I’m also so thankful for the much needed break after the past two weeks of midterms (round two). PTL. 🙂

Trader Joe’s salted caramel chai latte + those mini dark chocolate hearts (they’re seasonal, mini stars during the holidays and apparently hearts for February? but I love them) • lazy Thursdays: basically today • watching the HTGAWM season finale with my roommate, complete with cake and earl grey tea • averaging 7-8 hours of sleep • a 10 second 6am registration this Monday because last quarter it took me half an hour or so • acing my chem midterm–the little victories deserve to be celebrated • writing short stories for my English class • long talks and moments where you re-realize how good God really is • the new candids of Grant Gustin • comedy shows like Modern Family and New Girl, which never fail to give me a good laugh exactly when I need it • chocolate soy milk • the relationship/dating panel at large group this past week • online shopping • dark chocolate covered almonds • sunny days in Seattle • this Monday, which was such a blessing of peace and contentment • new friends • this next week of “relaxing”… before dead week starts up and leads right into finals week and aaah, okay deep breaths

I hope something/lots of things this past week have reminded you of how good life is. Because I had so many reminders this last week and I am thankful.


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