can’t stop, won’t stop

I need to go to bed, I told myself last night because it was 1am and I just lost a whole hour of sleep but sometimes I refuse to do what’s good for me. Also because I started a new blog yesterday and in typical fashion, got real excited about it and started a bunch of blog posts in my drafts. Really dumb, because of course today I’m tired and in part regretting that very very poorly made decision.

But yes! I started a new blog and it’s right here and I would love for you to click on over and read what’s on there so far (aka, nothing but an intro post and only an intro post, but indulge me please?).

So, the reasoning behind this new blog is this: I wanted a place where I could talk about all the spiritual lessons God has been teaching me, and while I usually write about them on here, I wanted it to be able to post about it on Facebook/Instagram and have more people in my life read said-blog. It’s still personal, just in a different way than this one. You can open it and expect nothing but Jesus, while over here you can expect Things I Love Thursdays and really small things that only my best friends probably care about reading. So, yes, still personal, but in a different way.

And I will definitely still be posting on here, because, well. A girl can never have too many blogs, right?

featured image: the blog header, go go go


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