hi, dead week

Aaand here we are, on a Monday, at the start of dead week. Yesterday I could feel the stress building and had to be talked down from the cliff of freaking out that I sometimes find myself on when things get stressful. Not going to lie, I am dreading dead week because last quarter’s dead week was so overwhelming for me. Honestly, everything had been going normally and the minute dead week hit, I realized exactly why that’s its name.

So, hi dead week. I’m so not excited for you to be here but hey, I will get through this. Here are things that will get me through the next 10 or so days: lots of studying, sunny afternoons spent at cafes, coffee and tea and chocolate, Spotify playlists, late nights, prayer, the Bible, and Jesus. So much of Jesus because no one calms me down like He does. Am I getting predictable yet? I kind of hope so.

(Also, second blog post in a day?! Things get crazy during dead week, I tell you.)

featured image: here by Taylor Burk because I would so rather be driving up mountains than studying but soon, loves, soon


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