late things i love thursday

Putting this one up really really late (or really early, depending on perspective) because I started it but never got around to posting last Thursday. It was such a good week that reminded me of the blessings in my life.

support + love + encouragement on my other blog because it makes my heart feel so full (and especially texts from my best regarding the blog post I wrote–also Lillian is just lovely and the long threads of texts we’ve been exchanging lately ARE MY FAVORITE, I love you!) • Bachelor catch-up • worship/praise night this past Wednesday, it was so good for my soul • meeting up with people • dumpling-making on Saturday with the youth group and talking about relationships too • visiting the animal shelter on Sunday to look at dogs • Starbucks’ bottled mocha frappuccinos and chocolate croissants, aka my breakfast on Sunday • people who say “my treat” for something as small as ice cream because I’m still in college • sunny weather • going downtown three times this week • impromptu movie dates: Kingsman in the morning and Whiplash at night (and just an all-out spending day in general) • friend group • ginger molasses cookies • finding three boxes of thin mints for free which was a nice start to my Sunday morning • shaking off writer’s block • hour long phone conversations with one of my favorite people • praying for other people • watching Lost + soft blankets + curling up on the couch • all the dogs walking around campus this weekend because of the weather • cherry blossoms • having Chipotle and pad thai leftovers for dinner • late night everything: uncontrollable laughter, blog posts, and conversations

Things I do not love: springing forward for daylight savings and dead week. But compared to the lengthy list I just typed above, it doesn’t really matter to me. 🙂


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