story time

So, (quick) story time! I was filling up two water bottles today at the fountain (mine and a friend’s) when someone came up behind me and said, “Gotta stay double hydrated.”

I glanced behind me and was kind of taken aback because I wasn’t prepared for a water fountain conversation with a stranger during dead week. “Yup!” I said, and then turned back to the fountain because… unprepared with nothing clever to say back. You assume the conversation ended there, right? Because boy makes a comment at girl and girl doesn’t really reply and the assumption is that the boy doesn’t speak up again.


“Are you planning on going to the desert?”

“If the desert is a metaphor for studying, then yes.”

We shared a laugh and then I walked away, and somehow this minute of conversation made a rainy Sunday studying a little more lighthearted, and I could always use more of that in my life–especially when making my way through the desert of finals week.

featured image: tumblr


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