things i love thursday

And we’re back! It’s spring break and we are back with Things I Love Thursdays because this is inconsistent blogging at its finest, where weekly posts just… ain’t… weekly.

Oh well/that’s life/we’re going to start typing this list in 3, 2, 1.

the all sorts of gloriousness that is spring break: it’s been actual years since I last had a spring break where I didn’t have academic responsibilities to uphold, because high school break is all about trying to get as much fun/relaxing in as possible before cramming in your homework Sunday night and college break (on the quarter system!) is just 10x better… and lazier? • we’re pushing 70 degree weather today and I love it • Breyer’s vanilla bean ice cream (I think I would choose this over any Haagen-Dazs flavor any day, which is shocking) • taking a road trip down to Oregon exactly one week ago and allll the driving that came with it–also side note: I think I drove more than I slept those two days because I slept a combined 8 hours or so • comfy tees • catching up on TV + watching it while I do Pilates because I’m sooo innovative • watching Taken 3 with my brother yesterday • craisins • people who say they’re proud of you • moments of telepathy with BFFs • sleeping in my own bed • face masks • people who just know you • this message delivered by Dawnchere Wilkerson and also continuing with Matt Chandler’s “A Beautiful Design” sermons (my spring break goal is to finish this series that I started early winter quarter so I can start watching the sermons on James • Cannon Beach + haystack rock: still love this photo • golden retrievers • cherry blossoms in the quad at school • how darn weird my brother is • the preciousness of this video even though I have no idea what they’re singing • how much God has blessed me over winter quarter • how much avocado I get to eat when I’m at home • LOST marathons and cooking dinner • impromptu self dates to Target even though I didn’t buy anything for myself except contact solution • peanut butter banana sandwiches • being in bed before 11pm • naps • 7 hours of sleep • road trip playlist • coming home after running errands and having nothing on the to do list except to relax • Talenti gelato

Long, long list and it only covers the past few days because my memory escapes me. That’ll teach me to post weekly for sure. 😉


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