things i love thursday

impromptu sleepover sessions because spontaneity is my favorite • sunny days • when your high school youth group leaders take the college kids out for dinner + ice cream • my first chirashi bowl + lunch plans with my family • this beautiful cover • catching up on blogs during lectures (oops) • compliments• a lab partner I can joke around with, because if you’re already making fun of each other on the first week that’s a good sign • people who shower me with encouragement + cheering up • FRIENDS • booking my first job for my internship • Lost • worship team • H&M anchor t-shirt • wearing skirts • when I show my roommate new music and she loves it • sweetened passion tea lemonade • breakfast • MUJI pens • making lists and crossing things off said-list • the fact that I got my roommate to start Castle • meaningful conversation

And friendship: people who bring me extra batteries when my wireless mouse dies, who let me borrow their laptops because mine is broken, who let me nap/sleep on them, who believe in me, who give me high fives and pep talks, who buy me hot chocolate, who show me love in the best ways they know how. Thank you.


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