things i love thursday

Today I had a split second where I wondered why I post these things on Thursdays, aside from the fact that the blogger whose posts inspired my own always posted them on Thursday and the title and blah blah I’m done word vomiting okay let’s get along with it.

switching to a new topic in my sociology lecture • iced mochas • the feeling of being done with back to back midterms… and ignoring all responsibilities that are after them (this week isn’t fun at all) BUT let’s contrast this with how I actually had a free ~30 minutes to do nothing but use Snapchat/social media last night, hallelujah • late night studying with friends because they make it so much better • buying people things • combining a vanilla latte with a nap, even if was only 20 minutes long • how my roommate’s now-boyfriend finally asked her out • days where it doesn’t rain • any time I get to watch FRIENDS • any time I get over seven hours of sleep • studying at a cute little French (except not run by French people…) bakery/cafe • I am consistently putting this on the list/blog lately, but texting this girl because oh how much do I love her • how it was 73 degrees this last Monday, that’s Seattle summer weather in April • how the semester-system kids are coming back in ~2 weeks • Theo chocolate


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