things i love thursday

In the midst of a hectic two weeks with no end in sight, it’s so important for me to focus on the things to be grateful for and the things that make me happy. So, here’s my list of little and big loves this week!

volunteering at the hospital, also known as forced quiet study time which is much needed for me this week • somehow not stressing for my sociology midterm today • secretly sending my best a (late) birthday card in the mail and her excitement at receiving it (“See?? This is true love!!!”) and she’s in Italy right now and I am miiissing her • when you make your friend who happens to be a very adorable boy laugh really hard and it’s the best feeling in the whole world • going through lecture slides for your chem midterm and understanding some of it–better than nothing, my friends, better than nothing • fruit tarts • making cheesecake • that feeling of productivity when I’m not studying at the library • getting a lab position for next year • starting biology next quarter • when my best guy friend thinks it’s weird we haven’t seen each other in 3 days and texts to check in/meet up + when he makes me take a long study break to watch Britain’s Got Talent videos (and showed me this gem!) • satisfying my fried rice craving • when the sun comes out even though it looked like rain all day • new music • staying in my dorm the majority of this week instead of being out all the time, because a change of pace is nice • jar trifles and meeting up with one of my favorite people after weeks months of not being able to catch up


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