breaking the hiatus

Hi and hello, I somehow took a little blog hiatus over there but I’m back! And it feels so good to be able to get back into the swing of things–not just blog-wise, but life-wise. Honestly. The other day I updated a friend on all the happenings of the first 2.5 weeks of summer and it took me nearly 40 minutes to do so, because the first couple weeks of summer were the craziest. There was a Monday where I spent two hours crying because things were a mess, and then there were a couple days where my feeling of stress was because it felt like stress was coming. Does that even make sense?

So it was a crazy couple of weeks and an emotional rollercoaster ride for sure. Which brings me to here, and feeling awfully thankful to be able to pull up the familiar blog post writing page and get some thoughts down.

Because happy July! We’re here, the blog is a year old/it’s been a year since I saved this URL and picked a theme and all that fun, and things seem like they’re finally settling down and starting to look up. And thank God, not a moment too soon, because I have been needing this feeling of peace for the longest time.

I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to write down all the ups and downs of the first few wees of summer 2015. I think eventually when all my thoughts are collected there might be a post, but all the important people in my life already know about the amount of stress I was under… because they helped me get through it. And I am the most thankful girl to be surrounded by all this love, because on a Monday night when I was breaking down they were all there, constant as ever, and it was the best thing for my tired heart to be showered with so much love.


And some other things: loving this song, Lost season 3 was so so good, I have spent a crazy amount of money over the past few weeks (retail/spending therapy?), Inside Out had me laughing and crying in the span of 30 seconds, I have missed the wonderful faces and personalities of school friends immensely, texting my best on the daily and exchanging videos is my favorite, and this hot weather is nearly unbearable at times but it makes for some darn great summer nights.


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