things i love thursday

when things work themselves out • ice cold water • fans, because this 90 degree weather is not cool with me • homemade strawberry sorbet • cute kids • water balloon fights • upcoming fourth of July weekend • old-school Super Mario Brothers • when I rewatch Marley & Me for what’s probably the 10th time, and still tear up • Lost season three • Sean and Catherine on Celebrity Family Feud • going paddleboarding • making vacation plans • lemonade • sleeping downstairs to escape the heat • buying furniture for the apartment this fall • filling salads • Molly Moons ice cream, earl grey flavor • meeting up with school friends and laughing with them and re-realizing how important they are to you • being busy all the time but still feeling immensely fulfilled in life • when your best guy friend pushes for you to carpool with him to work so you two can have “deep talks” in the car instead of him blasting his audio CD by himself • Inside Out • warm summer nights • escape rooms • The Resistance card game and all the yelling and bonding that goes along with it • retail therapy for one, because sometimes it’s nice to go out by yourself • running errands • when the people you’ve grown up with are all in the same place together and are all free to hang out for a whole evening, it’s a rare and beautiful thing • people who give you rides because sometimes you’re tired of driving • a clean bathroom • naps • helping out with camp the past two weeks


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