Happy one year on the blog! One year yesterday actually, but this is close enough.

Save for my mini hiatus at the end of spring quarter, I’ve been writing down my thoughts and ramblings on this here little blog for 365 days now, and that’s impressive for me. Like most people, I had a terrible track record when it came to blogging consistently. I had blogs here and there in those awkward pre-teen years and only ever kept them up for a couple months before I stopped writing. I think back then, I had nothing to write about. And nowadays I could argue that I still have nothing too substantial to write about (and everything good and honest and Jesus-related is now posted here), but I blog because it’s fun for me. And I would also argue that things that are enjoyable in your life should stay in your life.

So anyway, hi and hello and thank you for reading for the past year. I don’t blog that often but I know there are a handful of you who check consistently and keep up with me this way and I’m glad you do. Blogging wouldn’t be fun without you around.

One year. I haven’t done a great job at documenting everything that’s happened but I’ve put in my best effort, and that’s probably worth something, right? The last few months have been the craziest time and the importance of doing your best is something I’ve really, really come to know. You can’t always be the best, but you can always be at your personal best–and honestly, that is the best you can do. Among other things I’ve learned: share your heart because you’re not doing yourself any favors by bottling up your stress and emotions and failures and successes. So share how you’re feeling and have those heart to heart conversations because it’s important to connect with people and have them help you through life’s best and worst times. And lastly, give yourself a little grace because you need it. Don’t be so hard on yourself all the time. You are bound to make mistakes, yes, but you’ve been given grace for your failures.

And those three things are why I’m still blogging and why I’ll keep doing it for the next year. Here’s to year two! May it be better and maybe more consistent than year one.

… but if not, there’s grace. 😉


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