I’ve been doing a lot more blogging recently (or it feels like I have but in reality I probably haven’t), mostly because I’ve been doing a lot more sitting around recently as well. Volunteering at the hospital requires four hours of my time once a week, and sometimes… it’s slow (like last week, which was a glorified holiday for the Fourth and all clinics were closed, and I spent a ridiculous amount of time on my laptop until the last hour of my shift when I was the only one there and ended up with all responsibilities to myself). So I bring my laptop along, scroll through web pages, read through lots of blogs, play catch up on my Bible reading, and ramble a little via blog posts much to your delight, I’m sure.

I’ve been purchasing a lot of furniture over the past couple weeks as well, trying to fill the apartment this fall with useful things like a bed, a couch/sofa bed, a dining room table, some bar stools, and a coffee table. It’s been fun! My actual live-in house is a mess as a consequence, and there’s furniture disassembled and leaning against the wall all throughout the first floor, but that’s just how things go. –ha, no pun intended. And moving/diassembling has been quite the adventure of buying things only to find them listed $50 cheaper two hours later, or buying what I thought was a queen size bed which actually turned out to be a full. And also, did you know dining chairs are outrageously expensive to buy brand new? Still debating on that one, I’ll keep ya posted for sure. 😉

At this point, I’m pretty sure it’ll take me at least 4 trips to move everything down in September when my lease starts. And then all the joys of assembling furniture will also come around, or else I’ll be sitting eating sleeping on the floor for quite awhile.

Isn’t my life the most interesting? The littlest aspects of life never fail to make it on here for allll your reading enjoyment.

Anyway, there’s a ridiculous amount of volunteers today so. Back to surfing the web for me.


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