a seriously productive labor day

If we look back at last year’s Labor Day post (and I’m so glad I wrote one, because who would’ve thought I’d be able to keep up a blog long enough to see what life was like a year ago?) it was honestly such a work-free day. Today was the complete opposite; of course I would feel like cleaning the entire house on Labor Day of all days. You know? Unpredictable like that.

So today I went out for lunch near the waterfront with some of the girls from church, came home and cleaned the entire living room (all while listening to this perfect album over and over again), did the dishes, showered before 8pm, ate dinner with my dad, and baked brownies afterwards. And now I’m watching The Theory of Everything only I’m 100% rethinking this decision because it’s making me so sad.

Labor Day this year was wonderful. Last year’s was too, by the way–in case you were wondering at all.

PS the only thing I did “in celebration” of the holiday was to skip Pilates, and I’m having milk tea and brownies and ice cream later because do I care? Nope, not at all. 😉


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